Having the best gear is going to not only make you look the best, but you'll feel the best, your workmanship will improve, your bosses will love you for it, and you will move up in the company in no time. At one level or another, those things will happen, because you'll get more from your gear, and you'll be able to do more with what you have. The features aren't the only perk of having the best gear though. There are several reasons to put up the extra cash to upgrade.

The Best Tool Belts Quick Comparison

Occidental Leather 9855 Adjust-to-Fit Fat Lip Tool Bag Set

The value of this tool belt is through the roof. You'll get a lifetime of hard use out of this belt. It is tough, rugged, and ready for any job you take it to. The belt is offered in right and left-hand versions. 


This belt is designed and configured for carpenters, but many other occupations could very well find much use from it as well. As with most carpenter tool belts, it has two large pouch compartments, which these are a full 10" deep, complete with a full leather boot to protect from nails and screws poking holes through the belt. 

The 'Fat Lip" feature means the bag stays formed, regardless of body position, so you can easily reach anything in the belt, even in uncomfortable, awkward positions.

The Occidental 9855 features 24 pockets and other compartments and straps that will hold other tools and accessories. This tool belt is a full front wrap around belt that has all the space a carpenter of any level would ever need. 

Main Features

  • Rugged material construction with full-grain leather, high-density commercial nylon, and high-density neoprene inside for a formed fit
  • It features 24 pockets of all sizes for superior versatility
  • The 'Fat Lip' feature keeps the tool belt formed
  • 10" deep pouches keep more hardware in them
  • Made by professional carpenters for use by other professional carpenters
  • Strap is fully adjustable from 32" to 41", which allows for room to loosen the belt when the user is wearing more layers in cold weather
  • Weighs 5 lbs. Final product dimensions are 20" x 20" x 10" 

Overall, this tool belt is going to be one of the best you can buy that is actually priced appropriately. Very few people have been unsatisfied with this tool belt, only because it was a matter of a difference of what the user needed, not because of the quality or features. If you do buy this tool belt, you won't be disappointed, if it is what you need to get your job or projects done.

TradeGear LARGE 36-40" Electrician’s Belt & Bag Combo

This particular belt, made for electricians and technicians, is arguably the best tool belt they can buy. This model is a very heavy-duty belt made of 'DuraTek' Nylon, designed to last for an entire career, or to keep its value if you ever want to get a new belt and sell this one years down the road. The construction of the belt has been reinforced with 'Bar-Tak' stitching along with metal rivets. 


This belt is also designed for comfortability. It doesn't ruin your back, even wearing it all day, 5 - 6 days a week, climbing up poles, crawling into service corridors, standing on a ladder for hours, or positioning yourself in awkward positions in the most challenging job sites. Breathable memory foam with excellent ventilation is built into the belt itself. Needless to say, it helps to save your back from problems. This belt provides two very durable carry handles on each side, so the user can hang, and comfortably carry the belt when it's fully loaded. 

The belt has 27 pockets and smaller pouches that surround two large pouches for bigger HVAC tools and accessories like multimeters, wire cutters, crimpers, etc. The many other pouches are perfect for splicing materials, other testing tools, and hardware needed to get the job done. 


The company offers a 30-day money back service if you find that the belt isn't what you need or if there is some sort of defect. You may receive a full refund or a new belt, the option is yours. But, this rarely happens, because of the quality and feature rich design. Here are the main points:

Main Features

  • 27 pockets and 2 large pouch organizational design
  • Best quality construction for superior durability and a lifetime or two of use under normal or even rough wear and tear
  • Very affordable
  • High value overall
  • Comfortable carrying handles for hanging or carrying
  • 30-day guarantee with option for full refund or a replacement belt if a problem occurs
  • Weighs 4.15 lbs.
  • Offered in small, large, and extra-large sizes

It has everything even the most seasoned professional would need and more. The best part of the belt is that the company took the extra time to cushion the strap / belt portion, so it doesn't create back problems for anyone. Injured backs are prevalent in construction jobs anyways, so TradeGear decided to help prevent these problems from occurring, and that's something every HVAC technician should get behind. 


Dewalt DG5103 Small Durable HVAC Technician's Mini-Belt

This mini belt has several pockets to organize all the tools, hardware, accessories, and personal items and equipment. Dewalt designed this mini belt for the maintenance personnel, the worker that just doesn't need to have a ton of work items to carry with them, or the home project manager that does the maintenance on all their own equipment, furniture, appliances, etc.

Dewalt-DG5103-Small-Durable-Maintenance-and Electrician-Pouch

At this cheap of a price, regardless of your affinity for maintenance or career level, it's honestly silly not to have this mini belt. Even for professionals that require a full tool belt, sometimes they may get away with having a back saving, smaller belt or just a few pouches for a certain job, and it helps in the long-term to take as much weight off your legs and back as possible, so having a mini belt like this that you can easily pick up and take with you on jobs that can be done with just a few tools and hardware items is ideal.

Dewalt-DG5103-Small-Durable-Maintenance-and Electrician-Pouch-back

Anyone who's worked more than a day with tools quickly learns this. Dewalt is also a company that millions of professionals in all career fields trust to give them some of the best gear and equipment that is safe, comfortable, and easy to use.

Here are the main points of the Dewalt DG5103:

Main Features

  • Offered as a stand-alone mini belt / multi compartment pouch and another version with a drill holster added, which brings the price up to $30.00 - $35.00
  • Large pouch in the middle for larger tools, and several smaller compartments for parts, pens, markers, flashlights, screwdrivers and bits, drill bits, snips, pliers, etc.
  • Made from a ballistic nylon with reinforced stitching to provide excellent durability under even tough conditions
  • Features a strap for all kinds of tape, and a carabineer that will safely hold all your keys
  • Two options for attachment: You may use the rear clip to attach to yourself, or you may use the hole through the top of the belt, designed to slide a regular pant belt through up to 2 3/4" wide
  • Sleeve pockets and web loops for easy customization for thousands of different kinds of tools for any job
  • Weighs .6 lbs.
  • The final dimensions are 3" x 9.3" x 7.5"

Overall, this pouch is a favorite among millions of working professionals and those at home who wrench on their own appliances, and other things. It weighs only .6 lbs., but it will carry more than what's needed for even more advanced projects and jobs. Its durability, compared with other mini belts / multi-compartment tool pouches, is absolutely one of the best on the market. 

Through research and personal use, very few complaints can be legitimately said. Dewalt's quality control is strict, and millions receive the best products every day, and very few have received this mini tool belt that had manufacturer defects. Their customer service takes care of any and all problems, so you can feel very confident you'll get the best product.

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1608 Electrician's Combo Tool Belt with Back Support Belt and Suspenders 

This belt is for the workers who must carry more weight than others. Sometimes, it's best to carry all the tools onto the work site, and you must have them on your person for ease of access. This belt is for those jobs. 


The suspenders are padded and designed to evenly distribute the load weight to prevent injury. 

The belt has a comfortable, durable carry handle so you can hang it and carry it without spilling the items within. A top flap of the pouch is zippered to prevent losing important items like keys, or other expensive tools. It features a drill pocket that is easy to access. The adjustable range of the belt is amazing, as it will fit waist sizes anywhere between 29" and 46", so anyone can wear it. Here are the main buying points for working professionals:

Main Features

  • Fully adjustable padded suspender system that evenly distributes weight
  • Easy to hang and carry anywhere on the jobsite with durable carry handles
  • Zippered pouch provides extra security 
  • Widely adjustable for 29" - 46" waists
  • Offered in two colors: Khaki and Black
  • Built in cordless drill holster

This tool belt is a great way to disperse the heavy weight of all those tools, hardware, and everything else the job requires. It is comfortable because it's padded, but it's also very breathable, and won't make you miserable in the summer months. The suspenders keep everything in place, and with the zippered pouch, you won't lose anything. 

It is a great tool belt for any professional needing a lot of space and want to be more comfortable while they work.

The Best Tool Pouches Quick Comparison

Occidental Leather 5589 Electrician's Tool Case

Another mini belt / multi-compartment pouch made from Occidental makes the list because of the quality, durability, features, and functionality to the everyday worker.

While it is designed for electricians, anyone can make great use out of this pouch. The entire pouch is made of leather for superior durability.

From the front of the mini belt, a chain with a stopper and a utility clip hangs for easy access to tape, keys, tools, and more.


The versatility of these kind of pouches are important to know when building your gear. You may need a large belt full of pouches and compartments, but these mini-belts / multi-compartment pouches with extra features can be added to any belt. You can even buy a stand-alone belt and add products like these to completely customize the functionality of your belt.

Main Features

  • Full leather construction for superior durability
  • Designed for journeyman electricians
  • Versatile and functional for any project
  • Features a tape chain with stopper
  • Features a chain with utility clip to hold keys and other important accessories
  • Can be added to any belt or used by itself
  • One large pouch with 3 compartments in front, and a utility knife holder, with 3 compartments on the sides
  • Weighs 1.9lbs.
  • Final product dimensions are 9" x 4" x 14"

Overall, this multi-compartment pouch is a great product to add to any belt or to use by itself if you can fit all the tools and items you need to get the job done. Many people take a few minutes before each job to sort out the few tools needed for the job from their larger tool bag, so they can carry just pouches like these. It saves time, prevents back injuries, and makes you safer on the jobsite overall. The full leather construction is as durable as products like these get. 

Occidental makes some great belts and pouches, so you won't be disappointed with this pouch. The price is more than other pouches like these, which can turn some people away, but you'll be guaranteed to get a lifetime of use out of it, so it sure is worth the money if you use it at work every day.

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1523 Ziptop Utility Pouch

CLC makes the list again with their innovative products that are designed by professionals for use by professionals. This model is proof of their dedication to functional design for virtually any industry. This particular model is offered in 4 different variations: 

7-Pocket ZipTop





This multi-compartment pouch gives you options, which most other pouches don't, and adds to its overall versatility for the jobsite. The differences in the pouches are simply that they add pockets to the design, but the 9, 10, and 11-pocket versions do not have a ZipTop feature that is included on the 7-pocket version. That ZipTop feature is a double zipper cover to protect your tools from loss, adverse weather, or you can use the feature to store the pouch with your tools tucked snugly inside so you can easily pick it right back up the next day. The cover snaps back so you can keep it out of the way and has a very small footprint on the pouch overall. You won't even notice it's there when you are working.

CLC Custom Leathercraft-1523-Ziptop-Utility-Pouch-back

There are many different types of compartments, pouches, and straps so you don't have to worry about leaving a tool behind because there isn’t room, or the pouch doesn't accommodate for it. A secure carabineer is included to hold tools or keys. A tape clip is also included. The user may either clip the pouch onto their pant belt, or they may hang the pouch from their belt by sliding the pant belt through the loop in the top of the pouch.

Main Features

  • Offered in 4 separate versions
  • Extremely affordable
  • Made of durable nylon and denim material
  • Lightweight
  • Measuring tape clip
  • ZipTop snap back cover to protect your tools
  • Many variations of compartments, clips, straps, and pouches for storing many different kinds of tools
  • Added security features like J-clips, carabineers, and straps
  • Two ways to mount onto an existing belt or the user's pant belt
  • Versions weigh as follows:
    • 7-pocket: .6lbs.
    • 9-pocket: .7lbs.
    • 10-pocket: .8lbs.
    • 11-pocket:.9lbs
  • Final dimensions:
    • 7-pocket - 9.3" x 5.9" x 3.7"
    • 9-pocket - 6" x 3" x 9"
    • 10-pocket - 4.3" x 10" x 12"
    • 11-pocket - 22" x 7" x 9"

Overall, the options for how big or small you want your pouch to be is just a great thing to offer. Sometimes, having a smaller pouch is just fine. What's great is that the cheaper, smaller versions of this product isn't lost on quality or features, and even has a zippered cover feature that two of the larger versions don't have. It would be nice if the snap back cover feature would be included on every version of this model. Although, it does give users the option to not have that feature if they don't want it, so your overall perception of the pouch depends on what you need and how you look at it. 

The security features are great. It's easy to lose important items on the jobsite. This belt makes sure that doesn't happen. The belt is perfectly sized for the job at hand without getting in the way. Any profession that requires tools can use this belt to great effect.

Occidental Leather 5500 Electrician’s Tool Pouch

At this point in the review, you should know that Occidental is going to be one of the best choices in tool belt and tool pouch gear for any profession. This pouch has 15 pockets of all sizes and shapes to fit all the different tools you have. The entire pouch has an all leather construction with reinforced stitching to ensure a lifetime or more of use, even under rougher conditions.


The pouch features a hammer holster in the front, towards the right side, for much easier access to the tool than other pouches and belts offer. 

On the front, a steel tape chain hangs under a steel security clip for your keys or other important tools. There are many pockets for drill bits, screwdrivers, universal drivers with pockets for bits, nails, screws, glue, measuring tape, and all the other important items and tools needed for any job.

Main Features

  • All leather construction with reinforced stitching
  • 15 pockets and compartments
  • Added security with a steel chain and steel utility clip
  • Reinforced hammer holster included in a convenient position for ease of use
  • Perfect for any profession
  • Weighs 1.25lbs
  • Final dimensions are 9" x 13" x 4"

Overall, this pouch is likely the most versatile leather pouch that you'll be able to find. It is large enough to house a ton of different tools, thanks to the pocket diversity, but it's also small enough to add to a larger tool belt for extra space, while keeping the weight carried to a minimum. The price might scare some people away, especially because there are pouches with just as many features as this one for 3x less money, but anyone who has had a belt or pouch knows that leather lasts the longest. 

This model is rough and tough and can handle any job on the planet for a lifetime. So, if you like this configuration, and you want to keep it for the rest of your life, this pouch is perfect for you. Especially because you can use it for home use, work use, and projects you find yourself doing throughout the years.

Arsenal 5548 Electrician's Tool Pouch

This brand of pouch has squeezed their way into the top spots because of the excellent quality of products they make, plus the availability of options they give the working people in all professions, along with those products having easy, common sense design strategies that work best for the user in any job they find themselves in. 


This model is offered in two versions:

  • The Electricians Tool Pouch
  • The 16 pocket, larger design
  • The smaller, electrician's tool pouch features 13 pockets and extra straps and security to hold everything electricians need on the job. The pouch is made of the most durable nylon, 1600D grade material, which isn't very far behind the toughest materials like leather.


    It is configured like most other tool pouches, with two large pockets, 5 pockets to store hardware and smaller tools, and 6 slot-type pockets for keeping screwdrivers, bits, drill bits, pens, pencils, markers, and many other smaller tools and accessories. A clip that is designed to hold a tape measure is also included. The nickel-plated hardware and rivets add to the durable construction aspect.

    The best feature of this pouch is that Arsenal included PVC bases to every pouch, so they not only keep their shape, but it also just adds to the durability factor. These PVC bases also have what they refer to as 'storm drains', which works to drain out moisture and water when the user is working out in the rain, so the pouches don't hold water, and ruin tools. This is especially great for when people accidentally leave their gear in the back of their truck on a bright, sunny day, only to find out that it rained during the night.

    The 16-pocket version of this pouch is built and designed for construction framers, carpenters, and other builders. However, anyone who can find good use out of a pouch like this will be glad that they have the option to purchase such a great product for a good price. There are 4 main pockets for larger tools or a lot of nails, screws, and other hardware, and 12 smaller pockets that fit just about anything you'd need for the job.

    Arsenal 5522 16-Pocket-pouch

    This version has an angled hammer holster with a detachable tape measure strap next to it. Needless to say, it has everything a builder would need to store all the items they need as they work. And, the price is so much better than other pouches similar to it. The pouch is made of the same materials as the other version and will hold up against anything that happens to the pouch. 

    Main Features

    • Offered in two versions
    • Made of durable 1600D nylon
    • Common-sense design and configuration
    • Tape measure clip and detachable strap included
    • PVC bases so pockets hold their shape
    • The PVC base has a 'storm drain system', which will drain any moisture or liquid out of the pouch immediately
    • Designed for electricians, builders, carpenters, framers, and roofers
    • The weight of each product version is as follows:
      • The electrician's tool pouch is 1.15lbs.
      • The 16-pocket version is 2.04lbs.
    • The final product dimensions for each version are:
      • The electrician's tool pouch: 9.5" x 3.5" x 12.5"
      • The 16-pocket version: 11" x 5.5" x 14"

    Overall, this Arsenal product is likely the best nylon multiple compartment pouch / mini-belt that money can buy. It's great that this company offers two versions of the same great design that features superior durability, space for tools, hardware, and accessories, and unique features like the PVC bases with 'storm drain' technology. You will find plenty of uses for each belt, even if you don't work as a professional builder, framer, or electrician. 

    The prices of each version are very competitive. Especially the price for the larger, 16-pocket framer's pouch. You can be sure that the 1600D nylon will withstand anything and will stick right by your side during the toughest jobs. Also, the very large number of people who have this pouch have had nothing bad to say about owning and using it. They love the product and highly recommend it to anyone else who could use a product with these features.

    McGuire-Nicholas 526-CC Brown Professional Electrician's Pouch

    This model is more of a simple design, but what makes it worth being in the top tier is exactly that. They took a regular tool pouch and perfected it. Sometimes, getting fancy and adding a ton of features while the more important, simpler features are overshadowed, just isn't the best way to make a great tool belt or tool pouch. For the price of this item, it is just silly not to own one of these, because it is easy to use, has plenty of pockets to hold many tools and hardware, and will act as your loyal, leather sidekick through the tough jobs


    Although it is made for electricians, this is a very universal pouch, and anyone in any profession, or working at home, or anyone working on any machinery, can find great use out of this pouch. It has a clip holster for a tape measure, a flashlight pouch, a steel chain for tape, a steel security clip for keys and other important items, a hammer holster on the right side, and 3 main pockets to hold larger tools. The construction is a full leather design with reinforced stitching and rivets. This construction design is what makes this pouch the most rugged and reliable tool pouch money can buy.

    Main Features

    • Full leather design reinforced extra stitching and metal rivets
    • Simplistic, universal design
    • Very affordable
    • Can be added to an existing tool belt, or used as a standalone tool pouch
    • Tape measure clip
    • Flashlight pouch
    • Steel chain for tape
    • Steel clip for keys and other tools
    • An angled, reinforced hammer holster
    • Extremely reliable
    • Weighs 1.6lbs.
    • Final product dimensions are 10.4" x 10.2" x 3.4"
    McGuire-Nicholas 526-CC-Brown-Professional-Electrician-Pouch-inside

    Overall, this pouch is 'the' universal pouch to own. It doesn't matter what you're working on, this pouch is easy to use, simple in design, but will also house all the tools and hardware you need to get the job done faster and easier. 

    The super durable full leather construction that's reinforced with metal rivets and extra stitching is enough for most to throw it into the cart. 

    It'll last throughout your entire career, even using it at home, during maintenance and building projects. The variable pockets are very nice to have because they hold all kinds of tools, as well as the basics, like flashlights, tape measure, tape, and important items like keys securely. It weighs less than similar pouches, but it's large enough to hold all the aforementioned items, which is great for any worker. For the price, it's a must have.

    Final Thoughts

    There are plenty of tool belts, multi-pocket tool pouches / mini-belts to choose from in the world, but these products are the best that money can buy. The price isn't what makes a great product. These belts and pouches have been tested by the best professionals, dragged through the mud, and tried in the awkward positions of service corridors and building attics. All kinds of pros have used these products for all kind of jobs and projects throughout their lifetime. The basic and unique features these belts and pouches offer are what make them the best in the world. 

    You may find that you have a favorite product not on this list, because you found that perfect one that is just right for you, and that is a part of the value system put on these products. Your favorite tool belt or tool pouch is going to be the one that fits your exact needs. It is going to be the one that lasts throughout the years and will keep its value, so you can get something back from it if you decide to purchase another. Your perfect tool belt or pouch is going to have all the pockets in the right places, so you can customize your configuration to make your job safer and easier. 

    The gear you buy has a large impact on your job performance and the way you present yourself to customers, colleagues, and supervisors. If you look and feel your best, you will do your best, and your professional and personal life will be better for it. So, use this guide as a reference to shop around for other products, or you can dive in and purchase one of these fine items. Either way, this guide is the only way to know what the best qualities are in a tool belt and tool pouch to make an intelligent, well-informed decision during your search for the best tool belt or tool pouch.